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Annual Community Meeting

Principal Report - Nov 14 2016

It is truly a joy to share with you some of the highlights of our second year at St John Bosco College. I am blessed to work with a group of inspirational staff who share with me in the “JOY IN LEARNING” of our patron St John Bosco. Our dedicated team work tirelessly every day to enable every student in their care to flourish at St John Bosco College. I am delighted to introduce six new teaching staff that will join us in 2017: Mrs Celine Pen, Miss Emily Driscoll, Mrs Kate Lovell, Mrs Kim Lewis, Mr Toby Millar and Mrs Lisa Jordinson. I would also like to inform you that Mrs Eileen Battle has resigned and decided to enjoy living back in Ireland with her family. We also wish Miss Mikayla Bramley well in her new teaching position at St Matthew’s School in Narrogin. Mrs Simone Stevens and her husband Paul are enjoying parenthood with their beautiful baby boy Lachlan and we are all looking forward to the arrival of a newborn baby in February for Mrs Renee Palladino.
Read the complete report here.

Board Chairperson Report - 2016

As we conclude our second year of operation of St John Bosco College, this Annual Community Meeting is a significant occasion in the life of the College.
We know that our most effective schools are characterised by positive and cohesive relationships within our parent community. Tonight is one of our ongoing opportunities to embrace our parent community and to assume key leadership positions within the organisation as well as providing visibility of the Board for the coming year for those new to the Community.
Read the complete report here.

Board Treasurer's Report - 2016

On behalf of the St John Bosco College Board, I will now present to you the Treasurer’s Report for 2016.
Firstly, I would like to thank our College Board members for their tireless contributions throughout the year. More importantly, I wish to recognise the enormous efforts put in by our Finance Officer Trish Daniels. Trish has worked alongside Kevin to oversee the management of a very tight budget this year. It is through the tight management and the production of timely monthly management reports, we as a Board have been able to make informed and sound financial decisions. Trish’s continuous disciplined financial management and diligence in collecting the College fees has allowed the College to maintain a consistent cash flow throughout the year. Thanks Trish.
Read the complete report here.
Read the complete Finance report here.

FSJB President Report - 2016

2016 Our first official full year of the “Friends of St John Bosco” and what a year it was!
The Friends of St John Bosco is all about “friend raising and supporting our community in order for our children to strive in the joy of learning”
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